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Rough Surface (Under 0.4mm)


Heat-Resistance To 70°C

Cold-Resistance To -10°C

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Reclaim the space of your kitchen top and end the clutters. Each of your kitchen helper can have their own space now. Our innovative design will help you to move the clutters on the wall and ease your cleaning and organizing.


You may now avoid drilling your tiles and walls that eventually leads to the disappointed cracks. Feca’s product helps to create extra space at your wish. The water-proof features and the easy installation will make you have a wonderful day !

Home Living

Be spontaneous to change and organize your home. Our product will not only give you the vibrant design, but also an hands-on experience to modify your storage space and display unit. Even without the think manual, you will be able to present your very own lifestyle at home.


Give a touch of green to your home living at anytime you wish. Feca will make your gardening to be simple and easy. The reusable feature will help our gardening lovers to better organize their space for the healthy growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the type of surfaces that is suitable for Feca?

Porcelain or Enamel over Cast Iron
Often used for sinks because it is smooth and nonporous, this material can make a suitable surface for suction cup products.

The process of manufacturing mirrors results in a smooth, reflective surface that is waterproof and nonporous, making a mirror a suitable material for using suction cup products.

Ceramic/Glazed Tile
After the glaze is painted or sprayed on, the resulting tile is water-proof and non-porous. Thus, it is suitable for using suction products.

Non-Porous Tile
General unglazed tile, mainly refers to polished quartz tiles, is waterproof and non-porous surface. It is suitable for using suction products.

Glass is a transparent and hard, water-proof, non-porous material. It is suitable for using suction cup products.

Plastic/Acrylic Sheet
Acrylic sheet is waterproof and non-porous, thus, it is suitable for using suction cup products.

Stainless Steel
As stainless steel is water-proof, non-porous material, thus, it is suitable for using suction products.

Sealed Marble
Marble and natural stone is porous. By sealing the marble surface, the sealer fills in the pores of the natural stone for a non-porous finish.

Quartz is nonporous without the need to be sealed, making it great for stain-free kitchens. When made into a smooth surface, this material is suitable for suction cup products.

What are the type of surfaces that is Not suitable for Feca?

Natural Timber
Normal building materials such as wood rosewood,teak, sandalwood and other natural untreated wood surface is porous, thus, not suitable for using suction cup products.

Wood Veneer Sheets
Thin slices of wood sheets glued to a board. The surface of sheet is breathable and porous. It is not suitable for using suction cup products.

Wood Panel
Common wood panel walls are painted by water-based paint which is porous. Thus, it is not suitable for using suction cup products.

Cracked Tile
Old or cracked tile may cause tile surface to leak air, thus, it is not suitable for using suction products.

Mosaic Tile
Widely used for wall or street art. Due to the tiny tile surfaces and multiple seams, thus, it is not suitable for using suction products. Rule: The area you attempt to attach must be bigger than the rubber pad.

Imitation Brick Tile
Commonly used for balcony or column surface. Due to surface roughness over 0.4mm or its porous surface, it is not suitable for using suction products.

Painted Wood
Wood is porous and won’t hold a suction, even when painted. Using the suction cup products on these surfaces may leave ring marks as well, so they are unsuitable materials.

Painted wall
Normal interior wall was painted by breathable water-base paint which is breathable, thus, it is not suitable for using suction cup products.

Wallpaper is a porous surface, thus, it is not suitable for using suction products.

Concrete Wall
Concrete wall is porous surface, thus, it is not suitable for using suction products. To avoid damaging of concrete wall, do not attempt to paste the plastic disc.

How to install the suction cup?

STEP 1. Cleaning
Clean the contact surface before attaching the suction cup and make sure the rubber pad is clean is dust free.

STEP 2. Press
Firmly press the suction cup to the contact surface 2-3 sec. to remove the air underneath.

STEP 3. Lock
Pushing down the lock while pressing on the suction cup.

STEP 4. Check
Check that if it is firmly attached to the contact surface before use.

How should I maintain the performance of the suction cup?

  • Reapplying the suction cups every 3 months to secure the suction power.
  • Use clean water or non-toxic cleaner to clean the rubber pad on suction cup before use each time. Make sure no lint or debris remains on surface by using a masking tape or regular scotch tape to remove any remaining.
  • Release the lock to keep rubber pad flat when not attaching to surfaces.
  • Store suction cup in cool, dry place when not in use.

Dos and Don’ts


Keep rubber pad and adhering surface clean before applying. Always confirm the suction cup is firmly attached. Follow the product’s installation instruction. Enjoy your FECA products. Remember the Love & Care instruction above.


Do not overload. Do not use to hold dangerous, valuable, fragile, antiques/heirlooms, or non-replaceable items. Do not attach the suction cup to the surface which is smaller than the rubber pad, uneven, rough and porous surface. Do not hang items over heads or beds. Do not use if rubber pad is cracked or shows any visible damage.

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